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Change your smile – not your routine


No teen wants orthodontic treatment to get in their way. And with Invisalign® clear aligners, nothing will hold teens back from smiling all the way through treatment.

How does Invisalign®
for teens work?

Invisalign® for teens works in just the same way as Invisalign® for adults, except teen aligners come with blue wear indicators to remind teens to wear them for the recommended 22 hours a day. Beyond that, teens can remove their aligners for meals, social events, and oral hygiene.

Invisalign® clear aligners are so discreet that no one needs to know you are having treatment. Best of all, you don’t need to change your diet, or avoid contact sports or musical instrument practice, since the smooth aligners don’t get in the way of your activities.

Getting started with
Invisalign® treatment

During your teen’s complimentary consultation, we’ll use our 3D scanner to make a digital model of their teeth and jaws. This model will allow us to craft their custom treatment plan and a series of custom aligners made just for their smile.

Each set is shaped differently to slowly move your teen’s teeth into optimal positions. Your orthodontist will let you know when it’s time to change to a new set of aligners – which teens can do from the comfort of home instead of coming in for adjustments.

Skip appointments – not school

We can pair Invisalign® treatment for teens with the Dental Monitoring app for remote treatment check-ins. Teens can send us weekly smile selfies through the app, and we will send back our treatment recommendations.

Because teens can quickly check in with us from home or school, we don’t need to worry about their treatment getting in the way of their education. We will only need to see them in our office if we need to adjust their treatment plan!

Benefits of Invisalign®
treatment for teens

  • Discreet: Invisalign® clear aligners are virtually invisible during treatment, so teens don’t need to feel self-conscious about smiling or taking photos.
  • Comfortable: There’s no pokey metal here, just smooth plastic that won’t irritate your cheeks and gums.
  • Convenient: Clear aligners won’t affect after school activities, and using the Dental Monitoring app means fewer commutes to the clinic.
  • Removable: Teens don’t need to adjust their diet, and they can brush their teeth like usual, which makes oral hygiene easier than with braces.

Put a smile on your teen’s face

Book a free consultation today to find out if Invisalign® clear aligners are right for your teen.

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